Single During The Holidays? Don't Stress!

Thanksgiving has past, and the holiday season is almost upon us, and for many people this can make them feel stressed about not dating someone special during this time of year.  But, being single during the holidays doesn’t have to be gloomy, in fact, focusing on yourself can be just the solution to keeping busy, having fun, and you never know who you’ll meet in the process!

Group Hang
Just because your not coupled up doesn’t have to mean, no fun.  Make a plan to do something you would like to do, and invite a group to do it too.  When I was single, I would do an annual Float Night Dinner at Isabella’s the night before the Macy’s Parade.  Do you want to see the Nutcracker, check out a new restaurant, or plan a weekend getaway? There is no reason you can’t reach out to a group of people to see who is ready and willing to join you.  People love a good plan and fun excuse to celebrate the season. Who knows, it could become your new holiday tradition.

Bucket List
The year is coming to an end and maybe there is something you have been dying to do.  It doesn’t have to be anything monumental, just something you want to do. Finish a book you have been meaning to tackle, refinish a piece of furniture, or run a 5K?  Whatever it is, you’ll feel great for trying something new and checking it off your list.

There are so many volunteer opportunities available during the holiday season. Many of us have some much to be thankful for and giving back is always appreciated, and makes you feel great helping those in need.  You can check out any local charities like a soup kitchen, hospice, pediatric hospital or pick something that you are interested in.

Join A Group
Do you like running?  Join a running group. Do you love to read?  Join a book club. Do you like to go to happy hour with your friends?  Do it! Keeping yourself busy and focusing on your interests will make you happier and busier during the season. is a great way to find new interests and meet new singles.