Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started? What’s the first step?

Fill out the Contact Us we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to schedule an initial consultation.Or, you can email to schedule a call to discuss if partnering with NYCity Matchmaking is right for you.

How does the Free Database work? Am I guaranteed introductions?

Becoming a free member of our private database—only viewed by Michelle and NYCity Matchmaking’s Team —(we are NOT a Dating Site) means you have the opportunity to be matched with one of our premier matchmaking clients. While we’re not actively seeking a match for you, and can offer no guarantees, we often turn to our rolodex, filled with thousands of singles, to seek that perfect match for our clients. We encourage singles who wish to maximize their chances of receiving introductions to contact us to set up an initial consultation.

It’s important for you to fill out the membership form so that you’ll come up during our system searches. It takes just one minute to fill out the form—join today!

What is the cost of NYCity Matchmaking services?

We personalize packages to each client’s dating action plan. Options may include matchmaking, date coaching, and online dating assistance—fees vary based on the length of the agreement and the precise specifications of the search for a match. We’ll evaluate your individual situation during the initial consultation: Preliminary consultation fees are $400 (In-Person) or $300 (Video/Phone).

Where do you find potential matches for me to meet? How big is your database?

Michelle finds dates for her clients anywhere and everywhere. Our idea is to exponentially expand our clients’ universe of potential matches and opportunities. In tracking down matches, Michelle and her team do what they do best: network. They attend charity and sporting events, art openings, professional organizations, and cocktail parties in an effort to find high-caliber matches for clients. Michelle puts out “feelers” in her base network for certain types of people that have been requested by her clients, and our recruiters meet interesting, attractive people anywhere you might imagine, always with the utmost discretion—anything to locate the right people our clients are looking for. Besides on-the-ground searching, Michelle has an extensive database with thousands of singles to select from. Finally, we also collaborate with accredited and reputable matchmakers and date coaches nationally and internationally, in order to find our clients compatible matches wherever they may be.

Are your introductions just for the purpose of marriage?

Though a good deal of singles are seeking a partner for marriage, that isn’t what everyone is looking for. You may just be getting back into dating, or maybe you just want to date around and see what’s out there. We’ll discuss your individual goals in detail during our one-on-one consultation.

Who is your typical client?

Our clients are busy, successful, attractive singles who are serious about finding a partner and ready to be proactive about their dating lives. They range in age from their 20’s to 60’s, and value their limited free time, preferring not to take the trial-and-error approach that comes with online dating. Our clients are career professionals, including doctors, lawyers, bankers, consultants, entrepreneurs and celebrities. We’re passionate about helping you at any phase of your search—whether you’ve never had a relationship, never been married, are divorced, or widowed.

What’s your success rate?

Our success is determined by each person’s goals, which vary from client to client. We’ve seen plenty of marriages and babies, but not every client looks for the same kind of outcome. After a consultation, we’ll be happy to connect you with many happy former clients in order to speak directly about their personal successes.

Do you provide date coaching or any special services?

We offer date coaching to many of our clients, providing them with the tools, motivation and empowerment necessary to succeed. Our date coaching program has proven incredibly effective at empowering clients, and boasts an impressive success rate. Get more information about our date coaching program and special services, including online dating assistance, style and image consultations, and photography services.

Why should I choose NYCity Matchmaking?

While falling in love can be difficult to predict, and we’re unable to promise you’ll meet your soulmate, we guarantee you’ll meet high caliber, like-minded singles.

In our Personalized Approach, you’re not just a number. We limit the number of clients we work with in each six-month period in order to ensure that your calls will always be returned personally by Michelle within 24 hours. We rely on our Tremendous Network of attractive, successful and commitment-minded singles who are prescreened to meet our clients’ criteria. Unlike online dating websites and apps, Discretion and Privacy are of the utmost importance to us, and we’ll keep your personal information confidential at every stage of the process.

Why use a matchmaker?

Matchmaking is an ideal solution for busy and private professionals looking to take a more personalized and proactive approach in their dating life. Generally, our clients have no problem finding people to date on their own. However, matchmaking serves as a solution for singles concerned with the accuracy, privacy and security of their dating strategy, something which online dating cannot guarantee.

We provide a full-service approach to the recruiting and vetting of compatible matches, coordinating dates and providing post-date feedback. All of this saves our clients valuable time and energy: no endless hours spent browsing through profiles and sending emails, waiting for a response that might fall into a black hole. With NYCity Matchmaking, your preferences and desires, and above all your privacy, are taken very seriously. Let us do the heavy lifting so love comes to you!

Who’s the matchmaker?

NYCity Matchmaking is led by Michelle Frankel, a former M&A attorney turned matchmaker over a decade ago. As an experience Manhattan Matchmaker with a proven record of success, Michelle knows what it takes to make your romantic life a priority. Although she’s now happily married with a child, not too long ago she was single and leading her own search for that special someone. Michelle is genuinely excited about helping you achieve the same romantic success she found for herself and her clients.